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Drystar® is Alpinestars factory developed solution for a durable and reliable waterproof and windproof membrane that is breathable at the same time. It is used on Alpinestars medium priced range products, since a cheaper no-name membrane is used on the entry level and the Gore-Tex® on the top-tier ones.ALPINESTARS_DRYSTAR


All entry and mid level helmets use some kind of polycarbonate plastic for the moulding of the outer shell, mostly stated as polycarbonate composite, high resistance thermoplastic etc. ABS is the most commonly used plastic among manufacturers, while Nolan is particularly proud of the use of Lexan™, claiming higher perfomance and strength against the popular ABS. Most polycarbonate helmets weigh heavier than the fiberglass ones, since a thicker shell is required to provide the necessary safety levels, and plastic helmets age worse too, plastic can deteriorate rapidly through time, heat etc. That's why all demanding riders opt for a fiberglass helmet.


A further level of excellence is achieved by the D-Tec Department with the D-Skin 2.0. Starting from carefully selected full-grain cowhide leather featuring long intact fibers, Dainese engineered and developed processes to attain new benchmarks in abrasion, traction and tear resistance. Because of its softness and flexibility beyond comparison, the D-Skin 2.0 is extremely comfortable, although maintaining the same thickness of other cowhide leathers present in the collection. Special treatments with resins and silicon waxes improve the technical features of this excellent leather.



Cowhide leather developed and engineered with the protection of the rider in mind, ensuring high performance levels in terms of abrasion, tear, cutting and traction resistance. Flexibility and softness are guaranteed by the high quality of the carefully selected raw materials. State of the art leather finishing technologies provide the Tutu leather with extremely high levels of comfort while driving, whilst at the same time ensuring excellent water and oil repellent properties. 



Continuous technological development and the pursuit of constantly improving performance led to the evolution of the bi-axial Arrow-FK fabric now known as S1 that increases mechanical properties. This fabric for sports apparel composed of an elastomer coated with Cordura® polyamide is distinguished by elevated mechanical strength and bi-axial elastic properties to guarantee excellent comfort levels. Protector treatment developed through nanotechnology applied to textile finishing also ensures excellent water/oil repellence properties.



This non-woven fabric in polyurethane and polyamide microfibre vaunts exceptional resistance to wear, tear, and shear. This particular product is also distinguished by softness, flexibility, light weight and water repellence.



ARROW XF is a revolutionary elastic fabric developed and designed by the Dainese Technology Center. This innovative material is optimized to meet unmatched performance even if exposed to the most extreme conditions, setting new standards for abrasion, cut, and tear resistance. Its unique composition of allows this fabric to guarantee outstanding freedom of movement in four directions, moreover any inner linning is no more requested for the construction of garments, making the Arrow XF ideal to reach a perfect fit. Breathability is another key property of this fabric, preventing the rider from overheating and allowing the air to travel through the fabric to control the internal temperature.



Fabric for sports clothing made in high-tenacity twisted nylon with elasticated inserts faced with nylon. Its armoured weave offers exceptional comfort characterized by high resistance to abrasion, breaking, and tear with a performance comparable to leather. The S1 version S1 (without resin coating) features Protector treatment. The S1P1 version, in addition to Protector treatment, also features breathable, windproof polyurethane resin coating. Protector treatment grants the fabric excellent water and oil repellence, and the material does not require ironing to re-acquire its properties because only air drying is necessary after washing. This treatment was developed thanks to nanotechnology applied to textile finishing.



This fabric with good resistance to wear and tear is made in Micro Nylon and Elastomer fabric. This new stretch product guarantees elevated comfort thanks to its capacity to extend and then return to its original form, in this way offering the wearer greater freedom of movement. Protector treatment, developed through the application of nanotechnology to textile finishing, eliminates the need for garments to be ironed and permits the properties of oil- and water-repellence to be regained through air drying alone.



Cordura® Classic fabrics are synonymous with high durability and are the fabrics of choice In some of the world‘s toughest environments. With over thirty years of trusted, rugged performance, the fabrics provide durable performance for performance apparel. Cordura® Classic fabrics are resistant to tears, scuff’s and abrasions, so products made with the fabric provide long-lasting durability. The classic version also features a built-in water-resistant treatment. Introduced in 1967 by DuPont® and based on Nylon, Cordura® is a whole family of 16 different types of high strength fabrics, with the classic versions of 500D and 1000D used in many quality motorcycling apparel.



D-TEC Engineered Hyper Fabric – Stemming from Dainese‘s most advanced material research, TRIXIOR is a one-of-a-kind material resulting from revolutionary technology. Through virtual prototyping, Dainese technicians have successfully created a fabric with controlled geometry and thickness, where each area is prepared with a weave of materials that have different properties. TRIXIOR is the after-effect of the combination of specific materials that are abrasion-resistant, tear-resistant, high strength and flexible, created in accordance with Dainese‘s in-depth knowledge in the fields of ergonomics and safety. The result is a masterpiece in material engineering that moves the bar even higher for the quality, safety, comfort and style of Dainese motorcycle products.



The best of them all. Gore-Tex® is the top choice for highly demanding applications of all kinds. This totally waterproof, windproof and breathable membrare from Gore is based on an expanded form of the synthetic polymer PTFE which is a fluoropolymer. This fluoropolymer is inert, insoluble in water, extremely stable and not biodegradable. Each square inch of the Gore-Tex® membrane has nine billion pores. Each of these tiny holes is 20,000 times smaller than a water droplet but also 700 times bigger than a water vapor molecule. This is what makes it waterproof, windproof but also breathable. But most of the Gore-Tex® success is due to the extended testing every single product is undergoing by Gore it self, before it allows the third party company to release it in the market. The products are brought to their limits, and Gore’s standards are extremely high. In addition to the membrane, a durable water repellent (DWR) treatment is applied to most of these products. This penetrates a jacket’s outer fibers, lowering the surface tension so that water beads up and rolls off. That means less water accumulation, resulting in less wind chill, and less extra weight.



The top windproof membrane from Gore-Tex®, the Infinium™ Windstopper® membrane is totally windproof, with high water-resistance properties but at the same very breathable. Based on the same tech as the waterproof Gore-Tex®, it has billions of pores that are 900 times larger than water vapor molecules, so even though wind can’t get in, moisture from sweat vapor can easily get out. The Infinium™ Windstopper® membrane is used where top windproof properties and breathability are required, but waterproof protection is not necessary.GORE-TEX_INF_LOGO_1K


GORE-TEX® Extended Comfort Technology

GORE-TEX® Extended Comfort technology has been created especially for footwear used in temperate or warmer conditions and/or in active pursuits. Its durably waterproof, non-insulated construction offers extreme breathability and optimum heat release, allowing perspiration to escape easily from inside while keeping any water out.GORE-TEX®_Extended_Comfort_Technology


GORE-TEX® GLOVES + Gore grip technology

As a special feature, these gloves offer the feel of direct grip and high tactility. The innovative combination of these characteristics has been made possible by a special layered construction which attaches the normally loose layers of the glove to each other, preventing movement between them. They thus provide optimum tactility and better dexterity for a sure grip. This increases tactile sensitivity on the handlebar for the added advantage of greater comfort and riding precision.GORE-TEX®_GLOVES_Gore_grip_technology



Waterproof, wind resistant and breathable membrane, developed by the Korean company Kolon Industries. Hipora® is a 3 layer membrane that prevents water from coming in while letting moisture out due to it's microporous structure. Based on a polyurethane coating, the layers of the material have tiny holes it so that water cannot get in, but sweat moisture can escape. Hipora® is a value-for-money option for many manufacturers and has very decent perfomance for it's cost. Of course, other solution are more effective, but cost more too. HIPORA



The evolution of the iconic D-Dry™ polyurethane membrane brings a new level of comfort in laminated, waterproof motorbike gear. The very first Dainese laminated 4-way stretch membrane provides optimum comfort together with assured impermeability to water and air. Elevated breathability ensures evaporation of perspiration under all weather conditions.Dainese-D-DRY_TM_XT_MEMBRANE



This hydrophilic polyurethane membrane applied to D-DryTM textile provides optimum impermeability to water and air. Elevated breathability ensures evaporation of perspiration under all weather conditions.Dainese-D-DRY_TM_MEMBRANE



Polyester and polyamide fabric with highly breathable, totally waterproof, windproof membrane capable of offering elevated comfort while riding permits the outflow of perspiration while protecting the body against infiltration of cold air.WINDSTOPPER



Innovative lining in bacteriostatic polyester yarn developed through nanotechnology studies. By treating the nano-particles with silver ions this ensures greater efficacy in terms of antibacterial and anti-odour properties, durability and wash resistance, as the silver particles are incorporated in the fibre itself and not merely applied to the outside, as in the case of conventional bacteriostatic yarns.Dainese-NANOFEEL_LINING



Aramidic fiber with elevated resistance to tear, wear, shear and heat complemented by low electrical conductivity and high resistance to chemical corrosion. This excellent mechanical performance is matched by the lightweight and softness of the thread that guarantees comfort and a perfect fit at the same time.Dainese-ARAMIDIC_FIBER



CoolMax® is a synthetic fabric produced by DUPONT® distinguished by how it accelerates the elimination of body moisture through the fabric‘s outermost layer where the sweat dries 50% faster than in any other natural or synthetic fiber. The result is better breathability in the garment that ensures better skin temperature regulation and increases comfort even at the highest temperatures. DuPont Coolmax® is composed of hollow fibers that rapidly carry moisture outwards thanks to the process of osmosis that enables 50% faster drying than cotton.DUPONT-COOLMAX_FABRIC



D-WP is a material developed exclusively for footwear and ensures maximum comfort in any weather conditions. Products designed with D-WP technology have excellent waterproof and water-repellent properties, performance guaranteed by the specific structure of the material and by special surface treatments. D-WP textiles undergo rigorous testing to simulate the reaction of products to different weather conditions and to different stresses.Dainese-D-WP_MEMBRANE



This composite material is composed of woven carbon filaments immersed in resin and then solidified to create an extremely lightweight fiber that vaunts elevated structural rigidity at the same time.Dainese-CARBON_COMPOSITE_FIBER



Denim fabric with aramid fibre yarn: aramid fibre woven with high quality cotton makes this textile protective and strong, while their softness and comfort are maintained through stone-washed treatment.DENIM_WITH_ARAMID



The central layer of the Wave back protector features an aluminum honeycomb structure with excellent shock absorption performance combined with the capacity for progressive and controlled deformation in order to ensure better protection at lower weight than other solutions.



This metal vaunts an elevated strength/weight ratio, high resistance to both mechanical stress and corrosion and excellent thermal conductivity. The use of this precious material in protective inserts represents the latest state- of-the-art thanks to its low asphalt friction coefficient that reduces the risks of rider‘s rolling/getting jammed somewhere during a fall for greater protection.



Constant technological research and the study of ideal ergonomics have led to the development of a new generation of protectors certified to EN 1621-1. A sandwich composed of an outer layer in polymer with extremely high impact absorption capacity and remarkable elasticity is bonded to an inner layer of ultra-high density polyethylene foam to create an extremely flexible and deformable structure, which also has high shape memory retention to ensure excellent ergonomics.



The proprietary Pro-Armor material utilizes an innovative design language inspired by fractals, the language of nature to create complex structures. This design language enables the protector to simultaneously achieve a high level of protection and extreme flexibility, able to replicate the body’s biomechanics by maintaining extreme mobility and coverage.



This Dainese patent has brought safety and comfort to new levels: one large panel in leather elasticated by bellows stretches perpendicularly in two directions, width and length in order to give the wearer greater freedom of movement around the kidneys (when hunched over the fuel tank) and in the chest and arms.



A new patented construction that advances the Dainese biaxial concept to form a continuous elasticated channel that can stretch in three directions, bringing unprecedented mobility as it follows the rider’s movements in every direction. But you get more than exceptional comfort and agility in the saddle from this ingenious solution. By removing additional stitching exposed to the risk of abrasion, it also confers a significant improvement in safety.



This Dainese patent has brought safety and comfort to new levels: one large panel in leather elasticated by bellows stretches perpendicularly in two directions, width and length in order to give the wearer greater freedom of movement around the kidneys (when hunched over the fuel tank) and in the chest and arms.



An innovative high-tech fabric, Dainese 3D Stone is constructed from 100% high-tenacity nylon in a special chunky three-dimensional weave that creates micro air-pockets. These retard abrasion for outstanding mechanical strength, which a polyurethane resin finish takes to even higher levels, achieving abrasion resistance of up to 8 seconds when tested to EN 13595-2.



The fabric is laminated directly to the membrane and provided with heat-sealed internal seams. In addition to ensuring the characteristics of breathability and a waterproof, windproof seal, this construction significantly reduces the item‘s weight while preventing the body from absorbing rain, lowers the wind- chill effect, and promotes rapid drying.



Reissa® is a waterproof, windproof and breathable membrane, developed in 1993 in Korea by the Young Poong Filltex company. It is made of a specialized hydrophilic polyurethane which fulfills high vapor transmission and waterproofness. It has a waterproofing rating of 5000mm/m2 which is the limit for a textile to be considered as totally waterproof. It is a value-for-money membrane, chosen by manufacturers of medium to low priced garments as a durable yet cost effective option for waterproofness and breathability.



Designed and tested to satisfy the needs of racers like Valentino Rossi, this special three-dimensional fabric enables an air chamber to be created between the inside and the outside of the garment; this chamber forms an insulating liner that maintains an ideal microclimate during both summer and winter.



Scotchlite™ is a special refractive material produced by 3M™ Company. Thanks to its particular flexible structure made of glass micro-beads combined with a reflective layer on the back part of the stripe, the sheeting glows brightly when there is a small angle between the observer‘s eye and a light source directed toward the material, but appears nonreflective when viewed from other directions. This is extremely useful to increase by far the visibility of clothes during nighttime for security purpose.



The co-injected shoulder with metal insert is one of the most revolutionary innovations developed for Dainese garments. The customary removable composite protection has been substituted here by an injection of plastic material over a net externally covered in polyurethane. A pocket for the insertion of the metal plate fastened by rivets on the inside is created inside this structure. The result is a completely armoured CE homologated protector jointed to the rest of the garment with the minimum occupation of space for the maximum advantage to the wearer’s comfort.



Harnessing the many benefits of titanium and aluminum - from light weight to outstanding abrasion resistance and controlled sliding - this new-design shoulder armor benefits from seamless integration and increased coverage to provide outstanding protection. Advanced multilayer under-shell protection dissipates impact forces to CE 1621.1. Level 2.



The completely redesigned second-generation RSS slider system brings substantial improvements in every area. The patented new design features a re-engineered slider profile and elbow construction, plus seamlessly integrated titanium armor for a substantial reduction in weight, improved fit and usability. What’s more an innovative quick-release system makes slider replacement quick, simple and reliable.



The axial control system for the foot works through an articulated structure integrated into the boot that serves a triple purpose: protection against the twisting of the ankle; reduction of impact intensity through the distribution of the shock over the structure‘s entire surface, and the protection of the foot against intrusion of foreign objects.Dainese-D-AXIAL_CONTROL_SYSTEM



Developed by top racing pilots, this thermoplastic polyurethane insert positioned at the base of the little finger prevents extra-rotation of the finger, reducing the risk of unnatural twisting of the finger in the event of a fall.Dainese-DISTORTION_CONTROL.



Directly from the racing world. On the track, the maximum riding performance is ensured only when the rider is completely concentrated without worry of injury in case of fall. Dainese has always provided its champions with the latest state of the art in terms of safety and then transferred this technology to products for the public at large. Back protector homologation is the final step in making the same protectors used and tested by champs like Valentino Rossi available to motorcycle riders everywhere. The homologation of back protectors to EN 1621.2/2014 Standard means that they have successfully passed a maximum impact force transmissible level before sale. The Standard assesses protectors at two performance levels after receiving a series of impacts from a striking force in a predetermined area.
-Level 1: limit of 24 kN per single impact, 18 kN for the average of all impacts
-Level 2: limit of 12 kN per single impact, 9 kN for the average of all impacts.



Certified safety: in further confirmation of the safety of its products, the results of incomparable experience on racetracks the world over with collaboration from the greatest motorcycle racing champions, Dainese certifies the most significant models in its collection to EN 13595 Standards for protective apparel for professional motorcycle riders that prescribe strict tests for the measurement of resistance to abrasion, impact, bursting strength, and tearing caused by impact, and the presence of protectors homologated to EN 1621.1.CERTIFIED_PERSONAL_PROT_EQ_EN_13595_STANDARD



Glove certified according to CE - Class 2, which requires the product to pass rigorous tests carried out by external certification bodies, to evaluate compliance with the mechanical and chemical properties required of protective gloves for motorcycle riders. To obtain certification, a DAINESE glove must pass abrasion, impact, tear and cut resistance tests.GLOVE_CERTIFICATION_1



Shoe certified according to CE - Class 2, which requires the product to pass rigorous tests carried out by accredited bodies, to evaluate compliance with the chemical properties (e.g. upper pH) and mechanical properties (e.g. abrasion, compression, tear and cut resistance of the upper and bond strength between upper and outsole) required for protective footwear for motorcycle riders.FOOTWEAR_CERTIFICATION_1



With their special construction, the composite protectors provided on the shoulders, elbows and knees, certified to EN 1621-1, offer elevated protection. A rigid external plastic shell distributes the impact energy generated in one area over the entire surface of the protector, which is capable of distributing and absorbing the impact over a large surface area. The inside of the protector in high-density polyethylene foam has elevated deformability and high shape memory retention that ensures greater comfort through adaptation to the wearer’s body.PROTECTOR_CERTIFICATION_1



Head-to-toe protection, always: nothing must be left to chance, above all when protecting delicate body parts like the feet, often subject to violent traumas. Dainese has developed footwear with an extremely high level of safety: confirmation of efficacy is provided by certification according to EN 13634 as protective footwear for professional motorcycle riders, obtained by passing tests such as abrasion, compression and cut resistance and bond strength between upper and outsole.BOOT_CERTIFICATION_1