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Privacy Policy

Data processed by the Vendor

When paying for an Order, Customers provide the Vendor with an implied warranty that they have the requisite authorisation to use the payment method they elected upon placing their Order. The confirmation of any given Order shall be subject to approval of the Customer’s payment by the relevant electronic payment validation server. Should the Customer’s bank reject the payment, the Order shall not be finalised and shall be cancelled. As part of the measures taken to prevent fraud over the Internet, the Vendor shall be entitled to transmit information concerning the Order and the Customer’s payment method to a third party for verification purposes.

The Vendor shall check any Orders which have been validated on the Web Site in conjunction with the bank (ALPHA BANK) in charge of handling the electronic payments. Thus the Vendor may verify any Order whose delivery address is different from the Customer’s billing address. In doing so, the Vendor may ask the Customer to provide further information and documents required for the Order to proceed: evidence of the fact that the Customer and/or the person whose name was provided does indeed reside at the delivery address, the Customer’s bank details, etc. These requests shall be forwarded to the Customer either by e-mail or over the telephone.

Data processed by the bank handling the payments

For the purpose of ensuring the security, integrity and confidentiality of all payments made via the Web Site, the details of Customers’ bank cards shall be encrypted using the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol of our bank (ALPHA BANK) while they transit over the Internet. No banking data concerning Customers shall ever transit via the Web Site itself. The Vendor shall not have access to this information and shall not store it on its servers. Customers shall therefore be asked for their bank / payment details each time they place a new Order on the Site. Payments made by credit or debit card shall be handled directly by the bank (ALPHA BANK) in charge of processing electronic payments.
The Customer’s account shall only be debited when the goods, assuming they are available, are dispatched. Should some of the goods be out of stock or otherwise unavailable, the Customer’s account shall only be debited to the extent of the value of the goods which are effectively dispatched.