Free shipping for orders over 50€ (up to 5Kg)

Payments & Shipping

All orders shall be send via express mail to the address the Customer have stated in his order within 1-3 working days, if they are in stock. In case they are out of stock the Customer will be informed by email or telephone and after his approval we will dispatch his order. The shipping cost is based on the weight of the products and is paid by the Customer. There are few exceptions (for example hard cases) in which the volume of the order exceeds the real one, and in that case the shipping cost is calculated multiplying the three dimensions of the package and dividing by 5000.
Within Greece, the shipping cost with Speedex is 3 euros fixed price up to 2 kilograms. Every additional kilogram costs 1 euro.

Possible Additional Costs

  • Cash on Delivery service costs 3 euros on top of the normal price, independently of the size of the order.
  • Saturday Delivery costs 2,5 euros and must be stated on the order
  • Delivery at a specific time costs 3,6 euros
  • Delivery at Remote Areas for ACS Courier has an extra cost of at least 5,00 euros, depending on the size and weight of the parcel. Check here see if your area is remote. In that case, we will contact you before sending your order to inform you about the amount of the extra cost. If you choose delivery at your closest ACS reception point, no extra costs will be charged.

Payment currency

The currency used to pay for Orders shall be the Euro (€)

Terms of payment

Customers may pay for their Orders online using any of the following cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express and by providing their card number and expiration date, as well as the three last digits of the number shown on the back of their bank card. They can also use Paypal or make bank transfers.


Any special offers, promotional deals and money-off vouchers (hereinafter the “Discounts”) shall only be valid during the period of validity of each offer and subject to availability of the goods involved. Discounts may not under any circumstance be converted into a sum of money which is reimbursable or payable to the Customer.
Discounts shall be subtracted from the value of the Customer’s Order including tax but excluding the costs of shipping and delivering the Order. Unless otherwise mentioned in a specific Discount offer, the Customer shall be barred from using several Discounts cumulatively when placing a given Order.
Where the Customer mentions his/her possession of several Discounts on the Web Site concurrently, the Customer shall only be able to use the Discount of the largest amount for the same Order.

The Vendor keeps the right to change all the above information without warning

Payment methods

A. By Credit Card:

Orders can be paid via VISA, MASTERCARD and AMERICAN EXPRESS credit card. Credit card debit is made after checking and certifying the details and its validity. The customer is solely responsible for the correct recording and authenticity of the credit card details.

B. Via Paypal:

It is possible to pay for orders via Paypal at or by following the online store purchase process by clicking on the corresponding option.

C. By cash on delivery:

It is possible to pay for orders by cash on delivery. Cash on delivery is made only in cash at the place indicated by the customer and is valid for amounts up to 1500 €. For orders over € 500, a deposit of up to 50% of the total value of the order may be requested, especially if these are products that require an order from a supplier. For all cash on delivery orders, there is a telephone confirmation.

D. By bank deposit:

Find out about the accounts of the cooperating banks, deposit the amount corresponding to your purchase and send your deposit by fax to 28210 74730, by e-mail to or inform us by phone to check the deposit via e-banking . Cooperating banks:

5765106453858, IBAN GR8701727650005765106453858

660002002017269, IBAN GR7301406600660002002017269

EUROBANK: 00260472100200028954, IBAN GR8602604720000100200028954

ΤΡ. CHANIA: 145445001, IBAN GR3106900090000000145445001

NATIONAL BANK OF GREECE: 48944090942, IBAN GR5101104890000048944090942

The prices listed in the online store include VAT, while they do not include shipping costs. The retail receipt is enclosed in the package.