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Payments & Shipping


1. Order Processing - Pricing Policy

When no execution deadline is stated upon receipt of the order, the supply is due no later than thirty (30) days after receipt of the order by the COMPANY, unless there is a problem with the availability of the item and this has been communicated from the outset to the customer placing the order or force majeure. Orders are accepted and shipments are made inside and outside Greece. The company reserves the right to charge credit cards for orders that include products that are individual orders from suppliers at the customer's behest. Orders are processed within six business hours (9:00am - 3:00pm) excluding Sundays and holidays. The indicated prices of the products are the final ones (that is, the corresponding VAT is included). The COMPANY's online store reserves the right to change prices without prior notification to the customer.

  • The timetables of each mission are not negotiable.
  • Orders that include products on backorder from suppliers are shipped immediately after all products have been collected in the company's warehouse.

The company is not bound under any circumstances to ship the order of products offered through the online store and due to a typographical or computer error are presented at a different price from the current price in the posted price list.

2. Order confirmation

Every order is always followed by e-mail and/or phone for its confirmation.

3. Cancellation of order

Cancellation of an order is only accepted as long as the item has not yet been executed and delivered (i.e. a shipping slip has not been issued), either by sending an electronic message (e-mail) or by phone. You have the possibility to be informed about the progress of your order, either by phone or by sending an electronic message (e-mail).

4. Product Availability

The company reserves the right to inform customers in the event of subsequent unavailability of an ordered item, as well as the possible delivery time. In this case, if it is judged that the delay makes the transaction unprofitable for the customer, the order can be revoked, which is done free of charge for the customer. Any other order is executed normally.

Prices and products that are marked OFFER or are a limited time offer are valid while stocks last and orders will be strictly prioritized on a first-come, first-served basis.

5. Order receipt

The receipt is made by the person referred to in the order as the recipient upon presentation of his/her identity card or passport.

6. Order delivery method

All shipments are made with the courier company ACS. All products are shipped by ACS to the address you provided us with in your order within 1-3 business days if they are readily available. If they are not immediately available, you will be notified by email or phone and after consultation we will process your order. The charge is based on the weight of the order and is borne by the customer. In few exceptions (suitcases) where the volumetric weight of the order exceeds the actual one, then the shipping costs should be calculated volumetrically. (The volumetric weight is obtained by multiplying the 3 dimensions of the package in centimeters, and dividing the result by 5000).

Therefore: With the courier company ACS for orders with a weight of up to 2 kg and a product cost of up to 49.99 euros, the cost of transport is 4.00 euros. Each additional kilo is charged 1.00 euro extra. The price is the same for all of Greece. For orders over 50 euros and weighing up to 5kg, shipping is free.

7. Possible additional charges:

  • Payment by Cash on Delivery is charged with an additional 3.00 euros in shipping costs (costs charged by the courier companies) regardless of the amount of the order.
  • Delivery to Hard-to-reach areas incurs an additional fee from 5.00 to over 10.00 euros depending on the weight/volume of the parcel. To see if your area is inaccessible (CA) for ACS, click here. In the event that the PO indicator appears, you will be informed by phone of the amount of the additional charge before shipping. If you request collection from an ACS store, there will be no extra charge.
  • In case you want Saturday delivery, you should state it during your order. The charge for Saturday delivery is 2.50 euros
  • In case you want delivery at a specific time, you will be charged the amount of 3.60 euros

The COMPANY reserves the right to modify shipping methods, terms and prices at will and without prior notice.


Payment methods


A. Via Credit Card:

It is possible to pay for orders via VISA, MASTERCARD and AMERICAN EXPRESS credit card. The credit card is debited after checking and certifying the data and its validity. The customer is solely responsible for the correct recording and truthfulness of the credit card information.


B. Via Paypal:

It is possible to pay for orders via PayPal at or by following the purchase process of the online store by clicking on the corresponding option.


C. By cash on delivery:

It is possible to pay for orders by cash on delivery. Cash on delivery is only available in cash at the location indicated by the customer and is valid for amounts up to €1500. For orders over €500, an advance payment of up to 50% of the total value of the order may be requested, especially if it concerns products that require an order from a supplier. For all cash on delivery orders, a telephone confirmation follows.


D. By bank deposit:

Find out about the accounts of the cooperating banks, deposit the amount corresponding to your purchase and send your deposit by fax to 28210 74730, by e-mail to or inform us by phone to check the deposit via e-banking . Cooperating banks:


PIRAEUS: 5765106453858, IBAN GR8701727650005765106453858

ALPHA BANK: 660002002017269, IBAN GR7301406600660002002017269

EUROBANK: 00260472100200028954, IBAN GR8602604720000100200028954

TR. CHANION: 145445001, IBAN GR3106900090000000145445001

NATIONAL BANK OF GREECE: 48944090942, IBAN GR5101104890000048944090942


The prices listed in the online store include VAT, while they do not include shipping costs. The retail receipt is enclosed in the package.